Britain’s four most beautiful holiday spots

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Britain’s four most beautiful holiday spots

London’s Big Ben
Big Ben iconic clock tower is one of the most famous landmarks of London. The house of parliament and Elizabeth Tower this tower is London’s attraction. Basically Big Ben name is given to the massive bells inside the clock tower, which weighs more than 13 tons. And the best part of the clock tower is it looks spectacular at night.
The numbers in the clock are approximately 60cm you can image now the beauty of this massive clock tower and there are 312 pieces of glass in each clock dial. One of the most amazing thing about this clock tower is during the World War the bomb destroy the commons chamber but the clock tower survive and still strike the hours.

London is a beautiful place you can never ignore the beauty of London, among all the historic attractions of London the London Eye is one of the more recent and astonishing attractions. The Eye is located on the edge of the Thames River in the Jubilee Garden and the Eye is a huge Ferris wheel.
The wheel took 1.5 year to build and was designed by David Marks and Julia Barfield a remarkable feat of design and engineering, the London Eye attracts people from all over the world the beauty you really want to see London’s skyline and a symbol of modern London.

You will never forget the beauty of this Eye at night and especially in Christmas, the dramatic beautiful look covers the sky with beautiful colors and shades of light.

York Minster, York
York minster another beautiful most magnificent and historical place you never want to miss a chance to visit this place. The beautiful old buildings, architectural details and wander through interactive galleries telling the cathedral’s story and you really want to climb 275 steps to the top of the 70m tower. You’ll pass through the views of the city and Yorkshire countryside which is very stunning and attractive.
The food and drink in the shire is very famous in Britain everyone wants :to try this tasty food 40 million people travel here every year just want to see the beauty of York which is astonishing.

Madeira Island
Europe’s Leading Island Destination for the 5th time, in 2018!!
Madeira is a Portuguese island located right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and it is one of the islands of Madeira Archipelago together with Porto Santo, Desertas and Selvagens.
Madeira is elected for the 5th time for the best European Island by World Travel Award, now you can imagine the beauty of this island. Rent a car for a day to explore Madeira to see all the beautiful and amazing places this Island is famous for its beauty.
I have heard about 17th century church downtown where you are going to experience some of the best waves of Europe. Next go and check pebble beach and enjoy the scenic cliff view.

I share a little bit of information about these beautiful places in United Kingdom I bet you really going to love this places so what are you waiting for its already summer and summer is one of the best time for traveling.
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