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Driving In Britain

You really want to see the beauty of Britain then you must drive to see the landscapes, beautiful cities and town, and especially the food here is very famous you don’t want to miss that to. If you really want to enjoy all this I think driving by road is a very good option.
Tips for Driving In Britain:
Here are some major tips while driving in Britain.
You need a driving license.
International driving permit if required.
You must also keep proof of ownership or a rental agreement in
your vehicle, plus any insurance documents.
Always remember to drive on the left.
Distances on road signs are measured in miles.
Keep this in your mind that intercity roads are busier between
(8 to 9:30 am and 5 to 7 pm) when people are travelling
to/from work/schools on weekdays.
If you want explore more beautiful places and want to see new
areas then keep a good map.

Motorways are marked with signs like “M” “A” and “B”. Don’t miss the signs and also read the description about these signs.
Signs are mostly standardized in line with the rest of Europe. The signs which shows the directions are color-coded:
Blue for motorways.
White for minor routes.
Brown signs indicates places of interest.
Red and white in triangles usually show the warning signs.
Always watch for notices on motorways that warns you of roadworks, speed limits, fog etc.
Level crossings, usually found at railway lines, often have automated barriers. And if the lights are red it means that train is coming and you must stop.
If you want to know more about traffic signs then check the UK Highways code, available online at the Department of Transport website. And learn all the current British driving rules and regulation to save yourself from trouble.

Rules and regulation are made for the safety of everyone, you must have to follow the rules otherwise you are going to face a real problem, specially driving rules you can never ignore these rules while driving. We heard about accident’s all the time and majority of these accident’s happened just because of not following the driving rules.
Here are some important driving rules:
Speed limits range within 20-40mph (50-65km/h) in built-up areas
and a maximum of 70mph (110km/h) on motor¬ways or dual
It’s compulsory for all drivers and passengers to wear
seatbelts, never ignore the speed signs on the roads.
Do not drink and drive in the UK as the consequences are not
Never use your mobile phone while driving its illegal.

You need to pay at a meter to park your car, so always keep coins it will be easy for you. Some cities have “park and ride” schemes, other towns have parking schemes where you buy a card fill in your parking times and display it on your dashboard.
Be careful do not park on double red or yellow lines at any time, sometimes single lines means you can park in the evenings and at weekends. But always keep your eyes on road signs always check carefully. Or just keep things simple go and find a car park, look out for the sign “P”, which indicates parking spaces, never leave any important and valuable stuff in your car.
Petrol stations at large supermarkets offer good value as compared to motorway service area they are generally more expensive. Petrol stations in Britain are self-service and the instructions at the pumps are very easy to follow.
After you follow all the above instructions, you can enjoy your trip more easily without facing any problems.

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