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London National Park City Week

From 21 July 2018 to 29 July 2018
July is the perfect time to explore London’s outdoor attractions and open-air events, including some of the capital’s biggest music, sports and flower festivals. London is one of the best place to enjoy your summer, July is one of the warmest months to visit London.
We heard about the upcoming event, London National Park City Week taking place at multiple locations around the city.
One of the biggest event in London and so many things to do in this event every week is full of new adventures and stuff. This event is organized by National Park City Foundation, so many things to discover in this week plenty of family activities among the 280 events.
Discover London’s footpaths, waterways and bountiful green spaces. At the Volunteering & Experiences Fair you’ll find groups and campaigns working across London, all aiming to help you get the most out of London and make a difference. And on of the most amazing things u don’t want to miss is urban food growing, rambling, car free days, citizen science, community story creation and mapping, and how to get into parkour.
In the A-Z field Guide to the London National Park City you will be able to sit and listen to so many things about London like:
26 short talks introducing fascinating aspects of London and interesting Londoners.
How squirrels are affected by air pollution.
Learn about London’s volcanic past.
How community action can lead to new and exciting changes.
The most interesting is we’ll even have a talk by a dog.
On the top of all that there will be short, free circular walks
with experienced guides to explore the streets, parks
and other spaces around Conway Hall in unusual ways.
Urban heat islands, Wildlife in London, Music and sounds.
If you can’t walk or maybe you don’t want to walk but still you won’t miss anything because the National Trust will provide free guided double-decker bus tours around the London’s green space.
There will be art displays and films. Artists will even draw custom maps for you I think this is so amazing.
National Park City Makers will provide you a free giant maps of London’s green and blue spaces and if you have any questions about National Park City they will give you answers. You can also visit to the National Park City stand for more information. Also join the square to share your ideas and be the part of good conversation.


As I told you there are so many things to do in this event, this Night/Day Relay is a 48hours walk of London’s spiralling Metropolitan Trail by journeying along the inspiral by day or night. There are so many things to explore in this relay about nightlife of human and animals and under the shadows of the city’s forest.

Three Peaks Podcast Challenge 22 JULY

Have a go at making your very own podcast while tackling three of outer London’s highest spots, in the Three Peaks Podcast Challenge. Here we go with another challenge and chance to explore something different and new.

Smell and Touch Sensory Safari 23 JULY

Just 90 minute workshop-on-foot for all the family. You will learn how to discern and capture the scents and smells of urban nature and green spaces using your senses of smell and touch. This is something different to learn about nature and plants, here you will learn how to tell the age and health of a tree through only using your fingers and nose.

11-mile (18km) walk 24 JULY

11-miles walk in liner London Ramblers during this walk you will explore so many things. This walk will be around pretty Hampstead Health, including Instagram hotspot Parliament Hill.

Woodland Adventure Hunt 25 JULY

It is now an amazing place to enjoy nature and wildlife in the heart of London, Search for clues and find out more about local wildlife on the Woodland Adventure Hunt at Woodbury Wetlands. This is just a ten minutes’ walk you will be exploring the woodland trail, London’s secret wildlife world this sound’s so amazing and adventurous.

Bug Day 26 JULY

If you love bees, butterflies, dragonflies, beetles, bugs and slugs, you will love bug day, on this day you will examine weird and wonderful creepy crawlies during the insect-tastic Bug Day at Sydenham Hill Wood.

Mindfulness in Nature 27 JULY

Enjoy a yoga session amid the peaceful setting of Ruskin Park with Mindfulness in Nature. These walk shops will explore ways to a mindful approach in our day to day living. This walk shop is so mind relaxing and very helpful for your health.

The Green Line, 28 JULY

The Green Line walk along the Forest Hill to New Cross Gate Railway Cutting I think you don’t want to miss this chance, all four nature reserves will be open on the same day for the first time ever. If you don’t want to miss this amazing day then join London Wildlife Trust walk from New Cross Gate Nature

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