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Pick-Ups Cost at Birmingham Airport

Booked a flight from Birmingham Airport? You’re definitely searching up for the best way to get to and from the airport. Through train, drive, park and ride or maybe could get a lift of someone you know. But it’s not that easy, so we are going to share with you that how much it costs for a pick-up at Birmingham Airport.

No Free Pick-Ups

We all know that nothing is free in this world and exactly the same rule apply for airports. Previously, airports charged only for parking but now they charge people as they wait to pick up their friends or relatives. And this parking is called “short stay parking”, you have to pay while you wait for them to arrive.

Worst part is these charges are not cheap and continuously increasing every year. RAC research shows that pick-up prices at eight top-20 UK airports have increased in the last year. Some of the airports charges are way too much better hope their flight isn’t delayed.

Drop off

Not only pick-ups will charge you but also Drop off. It means that airport will also charge you in drop off areas, even if you’re just getting bags out and saying farewell to your friends and relatives, you will be charged.

These rates are rising every year. London Stansted currently charges £3.50 for per ten minutes of dropping off, with London Luton closely following at £3 for 10 minutes.

What about Birmingham?

Birmingham airport has the highest pick-up charge outside of London which is not a good news, as we know London has topped the charts for prices. Luton and Stansted cost £4.90 for 60 minutes.

When dropping off your friends and relatives at Birmingham airport charges for ten minutes is £2. And that’s the initial charge it increases 20p per minute after the initial period. Because of this prices it’s fifth in the UK, combined with Glasgow and East Midlands, but behind Leeds, Liverpool, Stansted and Luton.

If you do the math petrol money pick-up and drop-off charges it costs you a lot. So maybe getting a lift is not a good idea at all.

Parking without the hidden charges

If you’re searching for a way to park your car at Birmingham airport without being hit by hidden charges and prices hikes, so here we are we can help you visit our website Just Park and Fly. We offer you the best deals according to your budget with full secure system.

If you book online you can save some money also our discount offers are ideal. Our chauffeurs will help you with your luggage and park your car for you. We take the hassle out of your commute.

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