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Top Tips for Airport Parking

When you are heading off on holiday you never think about parking your car, because there are many other things to think about but let’s face it airport parking is not that much easy task it could end up costing you time, money and hassle. So I think you should follow our tips before booking your airport parking it will help you and even save you from wasting your money and time.

Book early

Airport parking prices can vary between products and months. So take advantage of the deals as soon as possible, don’t leave it for the last minute otherwise you will end up paying for it. Once the car parks get booked up the prices tend to increase so try to book as early as possible. If you book your parking in advance then make sure your booking is cancel-able in case of any problem.

 Always select the product that suits your needs

Everyone’s needs are different and it’s important you choose the correct product according to your needs in order to have a stress-free experience.

Car parks are a little further from the airport terminals, so after parking your car you would be transferred to the airport in a shuttle bus this process is a little bit stressful but it will help you to save a lot of money.

Meet and Greet Service

Meet and greet service is reliable as compare to park and ride, with a meet and greet service you would be met at the terminal by a fully insured chauffeur from the car park who often help you unload your luggage before driving your car to the secure parking area. On your return they would meet you again outside the terminal with your car ready for you.

These services cost slightly more than park and ride but reliable and ideal for those with young families, heavy luggage etc.

Onsite parking is usually run by the airport itself and can be the most expensive option. The advantage comes through the convenience of your car being close to your terminal.

Check the security system

Make sure that the security system works perfectly, also check the reviews of the company before booking your parking space. All comparison sites will show the car park has the award by placing the park mark logo next to the product.

Check the transfer time

Don’t forget to check the transfer time, if you’ve opted for a park and ride product make sure you check the estimated transfer time to the airport terminal. Be careful about don’t make the mistake of leaving too little time and potentially missing your flight. It’s worth noting that some On-site parking products also run a transfer service to the terminal, this is only likely at larger airports but it’s always a good idea to check.

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