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Types Of Parking

Parking is not just the driveway to home there are several different types of parking facilities related to parking.
Parking lots are areas that are labeled for parking. These areas are usually marked out with thick lines maybe yellow or white. You can usually find parking lots near restaurants, offices and supermarkets etc. These parking lots are mostly opened all the time for everyone, but other parking lots are not opened for everyone anytime like Airport car parking spaces you have to book those parking lots for your car.

Parking spaces on the sides of the street:
These spaces are on the sides of the road identified for parking and you can clearly identified them because of yellow and white thick lines which shows the parking boundaries.

Angle Parking:
Angle parking you can assume this parking from the name this is done in many places, cause of angled parking vehicles are designated to go one way.

Perpendicular Parking:
Perpendicular parking is a common parking plot you will find it in most parking places, which normally provide spaces marked in a 90 degree angle to the curb or a building.

Parallel Parking:
Parallel Parking is simple when you park your car between two cars.

Illegal Parking:
This is the kind of parking you should avoid and this parking includes, highways parking (if indicated otherwise), in an intersection and on pedestrian crosswalks or sidewalks.
Most important in front of driveways, in an underpass or bridge and a spot reserve for disabled and one more double parking you should avoid all this kind of parking otherwise you have to face trouble.

Effects of parking:
Parking is very important it controls the congestion and accidents in traffic
parking has the following adverse effects like accidents, pollution, obstruction to fire-fighting operations etc.
1. Congestion parking the vehicles covers considerable street space which leads to small roads space. Due to this the speed of all vehicles will be reduced, as a result of slow speed the
2. Journey time and delay will increase. This situation cause increase in the running cost of the vehicle which leads to extra fuel loss and great economical loss.
3. Accidents happens all the time due to wrong and Careless parking and unparking. These accidents are referred to as parking accidents. These parking accidents usually happen while driving out a car from the parking area, opening of the car doors without looking out, and while parking the car in parking lot.
4. Environmental pollution. Parking cause environmental pollution due to starting cars again and again. They also effect the beautiful look of the buildings because there are cars parked at every available space which look really bad.
5. Parked vehicles create a huge problems for firefighting vehicles. The firefighting vehicles cannot reach to buildings. Sometimes they block access to hydrants and access to buildings.

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