Terms And Conditions

Please ensure that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions of our website.http://www.justparkandfly.co.uk/

Booking and Services

  • Booking through our website is considered complete when the confirmation email has been sent. All terms and conditions are deemed accepted at this point.

  • We make all possible efforts to conduct collection and delivery of your vehicle at the appointed time. But in case of delays caused by unusual cases where circumstances are beyond our control, such as traffic congestion, road accidents, flight delays, security threats and alerts, unforeseen weather conditions, luggage or immigration hold ups (this list is not exhausted), Park Fly Ltd will not accept any responsibility.

  • We accept the responsibility to take care of your car for the period it was booked and paid for parking. This duration starts and ends at the handover of keys to your ride.

  • Whilst your car is being driven by our chauffeur, whether on company grounds or public highway, it is insured.

  • We advise our customers to bring a duplicate key of your car and take it with you.

Payments and Cancellation

  • Complete payment for the booked period of time is due prior to the commencement of services on your departure day.

  • In case your return time surpasses midnight on the last day of your booking period and you require us to deliver your car after midnight, an additional fee of £10 is applicable.

  • Any extended stays will be charged at the rate of £10 per day. The payment of extended stay will required from the client before the vehicle is returned.

  • For cancellations, a full refund minus the administration costs (£15) is granted if the company is informed 48 hours before commencement date of booked service.

  • No refund will be granted in case of none use or no show and if the cancellation is made within 24 hours of commencement date of service.

  • If a customer wished to curtail the length of stay after the commencement of the service then they will be liable to pay for the complete duration of booked service.

  • Should you require any amendments in your booking after the commencement of service, a charge of £20 will incur.

  • All alterations will be carried out via email and will be rendered applicable upon receiving the confirmation email.

Liabilities and Limitations

  • Our insurance covers our legal liabilities.

  • Any property or movable items left unattended by the customer are left at the customer's own risk.

  • No damage claims will be entertained unless it is brought to the attention of our representative upon collection of the vehicle at the time of return for which a written and signed notification is given to you before you leave the airport.

  • We are not liable for any natural deterioration of your vehicle while it's in our care. We take no responsibility for the mechanical, structural, electrical failures including damages to windscreen, glass chips, clutches, tyres and specially alloy wheels, whatever the reason may be. This list is not exhausted.

  • We accept no liabilities for any damages or losses unless proved to be caused by the negligence of our employees.

  • You must ensure that your vehicle is taxed and complies with the Road Traffic Act 1988. This is deemed to be the case for the whole duration your vehicle is parked with us.

  • We are not liable for any faulty keys or alarm fobs. While handing over the vehicle key, see that there are no other keys in the ring as we will not be answerable for any loss.

  • If your vehicle, in our possession, does not start due to flat battery, we reserve the right to charge for our extra time and services required to jump start the car. We will not be responsible for any consequences rising as a direct result in trying to do so.

  • We do not accept any liability for punctures while the vehicle is in our custody. In the event of tyre puncture (including slow puncture), we reserve the right to charge you either to inflate or change the tyre.

  • In an event where due to our negligence your vehicle requires repairing, it must be done at our approved establishment. You will be responsible for delivering and collecting the car from said garage at your own expense. We will not agree or authorize any work done by the dealership even when the vehicle's warranty is forgone.

  • Park Fly Ltd reserves the right to undertake any repairs for restoring the vehicle, on your behalf, to the condition in which it arrived at our compound.

Complaints and Exclusion to Claims

  • Any complaints or claims regarding the service can be made via email at contact@justparkandfly.co.uk. Our operator will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • All claims must be submitted within 5 days from the day you collected your vehicle. Any complaints received after this time period will not be entertained.

  • We are not responsible for any minor scratches or dents (either documented or not) which are not identified due to time confinement or weather conditions before leaving the airport.

  • Loss or damages will be covered by your own insurance.

  • The vehicles are not covered for Theft/Fire/Flood/Malicious damage or any other intervening act of nature while in our possession

  • The maximum payable amount for damage claims is £10,000.

  • We do not cover liability for delayed or missed Flights/Car Hire expense as a direct or indirect result of our services.

  • We will not be responsible for any discoloration of paintjob or dent/scratches becoming visible after Car Wash/Rainfall regardless of the fact whether these dent or scratches are documented or not.

  • We do not accept vehicles with roof luggage fitting as they do not follow the height restrictions within airport car parks. We reserve the right to refuse service in case of failure to inform thus.

  • No liability is accepted for the internal appearance or condition of the vehicle neither any inquiry is made for it.


These terms and conditions are upheld and enforced unless directed otherwise under the express written consent of Park Fly Ltd.